Say hello to Sky Graph

Say hello to Sky Graph

I’ve used a lot of weather apps. There are a lot of great looking ones out there, and there are a few with a wealth of information. But they usually aren't the same.

The pretty ones don’t present a lot of information. They mostly throw a really big temperature number on the screen, and a huge photo of the place you live as the background. 

The ones that show more information aren’t great to use, and don't help you interpret why all that data matters. 

I made Sky Graph to transform all that great data into something enjoyable and interesting to use.

An experience that lets you see how humidity rises and falls with the day and night cycles. How a storm may swell up in the afternoon and then dissipate in the evening. Or how a hot day might feel extra uncomfortable due to high humidity and almost no wind.

Sky Graph shows you what’s always been there, but you couldn’t see.

As an independent creator I'd love to hear what you think about Sky Graph.

Check out more on the Sky Graph page, or go straight to the App Store

- Wayne