See more, know more

So maybe it looks hot tomorrow. But will it be that perfect summer day kind of hot? Or will it be that sticky, sweltering, “please let me find air conditioning” kind of hot?

Will it be really humid? Will there be a nice breeze to take the edge off, or will almost no wind make it feel like a sauna?

The data is out there, it’s just been invisible. Sky Graph does the work to show you what that looks like.


What is Sky Graph?

Sky Graph visualizes the next 7 days of weather in a continuous, unbroken graph. It shows the air temperature, the adjusted “apparent” temperature, precipitation, wind, and humidity for each of the 168 hours of the coming week.

It then renders that data out in a beautiful and minimal way so that it doesn't look like a hot mess.

Sky Graph also takes advantage of up to 19 forecast services around the world to show you an incredibly well balanced prediction.


The Design Details


Is it a hot and humid summer day? Or is cold wind chilling you to the bone in the middle of winter? 

Sky Graph visualizes how it feels as well as what a thermometer says. 

It also still graphs what the "normal" temperature is so you can see how significant the difference is. At a glance this tells you how humid it may feel, or how brutal the wind might be.



The precipitation graph is scaled to 3 mm per hour, consistent with heavy rain.

This lets you see how heavy it will be, and when that will happen. Is it light enough to skip the umbrella? Will it be raining when you're indoors anyways? Or is it going to practically flood the city?

The more you notice the precipitation graph, the more it matters. Keep your eye out for huge curves waves of blue and safely ignore the thin little "puddles" in the graph.

If you don't notice it, it probably doesn't matter to you.


The more noticeable the wind graph is, the more noticeable the wind outside is too. Wind is also a major factor in cold weather in making it feel much colder than it is.

The wind graph is scaled to 31 mph/50 kph, considered to be very strong winds for day-to-day life. If the graph is above the halfway point you can assume the wind is going to be noticeable, and not just a pleasant breeze.

To make this useful it has to grab your attention at a glance, which is why it’s filled with a solid color. As the wind increases the visual weight drastically increases.



Humidity plays big part in what’s comfortable to us.

In hot weather, high enough humidity stops your perspiration from evaporating, effectively trapping more heat in your body.

On the other end, low humidity can cause dry skin and other physical discomfort.

That’s why the humidity graph is precisely detailed with colours that reflect how it matters to us. Friendly green hues highlight the 45-55% range, the optimal range for human comfort. Above that it shifts to a harsh red to signal the growing heat trapping effect.

Humidity below 50 gradually fades and desaturates, to show how it’s increasingly less comfortable, if less extreme than the other end.


The next 60 minutes

For many cities Sky Graph also shows you what the rain is for the next 60 minutes, and how heavy it's going to be.

Maybe you can wait it out before running from your office to the streetcar.